Q Recycling adds Billboard Demo to their Portfolio

Recently we were approached by a GC to remove a 110’ bill board off of the West Houston Toll Way. Doing demo of tall structures is always challenging, however over several years we have managed to put together a good amount of experience.

The first thing about demo is understanding the environment. The close proximity of the sign to the new toll way as well as to the new structure made for some interesting planning. We tackled the sign first by removing the portion of the sign used to hold the billboard up along with its portion of the poles. This meant only 5 total cuts. Only two cuts were needed to bring down the first portion of the sign. This made for a much easier removal rather than trying to remove the billboard portions individually piece by piece at a height of more than 100’.

As the billboard portion of the sign slowly came down, all that remained was to bring down each pole one by one. Our crane had a weight capacity of 10,000 Ibs. We slowly brought the poles down by cutting them into manageable sections for ease of transportation. Each pole will be reused in new signage along the various highways and freeways across Houston. What we love about these sorts of jobs is not throwing away anything. Not only is it responsible and best for the environment but it helps maximize our profit. Take a look at a few shots of the work done below.


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